Museum of Holocaust Denial Hires Stephen Miller as New Director

LAKE FUROR, FLORIDA — When the previous administration left the White House a few days ago, many staffers and aides were still scrambling to find new work. For four years, they were part of a presidential regime that trampled norms gleefully and wielded power with a casual mocking and disdain for those who didn’t vote for them.

While rumors have been rampant that a lot of them are having a hard time finding new employment, one member of the previous administration isn’t have any issues on that front.

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“I am pleased to announce that I have taken a position as the new director of the Holocaust Denial Museum,” Miller announced from in front of the museum, which is located in Florida. “As a person of Jewish faith, one might think that it’d be unconscionable for me to work at such a place, but those are probably people who haven’t been paying attention to how much I love concentration camps and rounding up ethnic minorities to send them to those camps.”

Miller was the chief architect of the most draconian and harshest anti-immigration policies forward by the previous administration. He was a strong, vocal, public supporter of the zero tolerance policy at the southern border that separated thousands of children from their parents, many of whom have still yet to be reunited with their families. Many of Miller’s most infamous policy proposals were often compared to those of the Nazi Party’s treatment of Jews during the Holocaust.

Mr. Miller was quick to point out that he himself doesn’t actually deny the holocaust.

“Let me be clear — I do not deny the Holocaust happened,” Miller said. “That would be like Melania denying the existence of Michelle Obama. Or like Oasis denying the existence of The Beatles. I don’t deny the things I draw inspiration or steal ideas from! That would be ludicrous of me!”

Miller will begin his tenure as director of the Museum of Holocaust denial next month.

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