Sorry Libs. In Real America We Teach The Three R’s: Reagan, Religion, Re-Electing Trump

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The following editorial was submitted by right-wing commentator and “school choice advocate” Dustin Pewpsin. The thoughts and opinions expressed herein are only those of Mr. Pewpsin, and not necessarily those of this outlet.

Sometimes I wonder if liberals and conservatives/fascists will ever really get along. I think it comes down to key, fundamental differences between the libs, and REAL Americans like me. It’s so fundamental, it’s foundational, even. It starts right from the beginning, when we go to school.

Conservatives want their kids to learn basic, unbiased information (as long as it isn’t about how racist our uncles and grandparents were). Liberals want to indoctrinate their kids with so-called “peer-reviewed facts” and “primary source information.”  Just look at all the furor in Florida right now because Governor DeSantis is rightly tossing out books that hurt white people’s feelings and/or make religious extremist patriots like me feel icky.

All the hubbub is just because libs don’t get it. We don’t want our kids indoctrinated in public schools. We take our kids to Sunday School for that. And that is exactly why we are trying to takeover every single school board we can, so that we can then turn those schools into Sunday Schools. Which should make all the lib-T’s out there happy since we’ll be all of a sudden in favor of public schools teaching whatever they want, regardless of what parents say.

In the end, liberals, it’s just very simple. Real America is here in the Heartland. You should know this by now since most of your tax dollars end up here in our states anyway.

But once you’ve located REAL America on your map, take a good, hard look at our schools. You’ll find we do it right. We do it simple. We do it clean…pigment free, if you will.

That’s because here in REAL America, when it comes to school, we do it easy-peasy. We just stick to the Three R’s, and everyone knows what those are. At least they did before George Soros and Barack Obama convinced Joe Biden to ruin America’s schools.

But for those who remember, or who need a refresher, those Three R’s are: Reagan, Religion, and Re-Electing Trump.

Nothing else even belongs in school.

@jamboschlarmbo They just do education differently in the #BibleBelt #Floriduh #Arkansas #DeSantis #RonDeSantis #education #threeRs ♬ original sound – James Schlarmann

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