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Staffers Say They Still Smell Vladimir Putin’s Dinner on Trump’s Breath

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Sources within the White House are confirming at the time of publication that the odor of the dinner Russian president Vladimir...

Trump Open Hand Smacks Merkel Across Face and Tells Her ‘Vladimir Putin Says Hello’ BRUSSELS, BELGIUM -- President Trump made quite an international splash at the annual NATO summit this morning when he blasted Germany for signing natural...

Vladimir Putin Unsure How To Follow Up Last Year’s Christmas Gift To Trump

MOSCOW, RUSSIA -- In the Kremlin, word is that Vladimir Putin is hard at work trying to finish up his Christmas shopping. He's gotten...

Trump Orders All Removed Confederate Monuments Replaced With Statues of Vladimir Putin

President Trump has ordered that any statues depicting figures from the Confederate effort in the Civil War be replaced immediately.

Vladimir Putin Sent Kislyak With Shortlist of James Comey’s Replacement for President Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave two of his envoys a list for his bitch, President Donald Trump, to use as candidates to replace James Comey.

Trump Admits Wanting To Know What Vladimir Putin’s Dick Tastes Like

Donald Trump is focusing on beefing up his foreign policy chops, starting with getting to the bottom of the taste of Vladimir Putin's penis.

Mike Pence, Vladimir Putin Reportedly In Tiff Over Who Gets To Control Trump

An anonymous source on Team Trump says Mike Pence had some extra special concerns over reports of Russian hacks of the presidential election.

Vladimir Putin Calls Trump To Ask What His Refund Policy Is

Vladimir Putin's seen the writing on the wall and wants his money back.

Putin Endorses Trump’s Endorsement of Dr. Oz

Last week, former President Donald Trump attempted to play kingmaker again, and waded into a hotly contested Republican Senate primary race. Trump seemed to...

In a Sign of How His War is Going, Putin Ends Draft Exemption for Bone Spurs and Racism

Despite what the Kremlin, or their propagandists such as super-journalist Glenn Greenwald might tell his Twitter followers, Vladimir Putin's illegal and barbaric invasion of...