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Conservative Podcaster: “I Saw Roy Moore Hit On A 14 Year Old At A Football Game But At Least He Stood For The Anthem!”

"You gotta ask yourself what's more disgusting -- pedophiles, or unpatriotic pedophiles?"

Local Mouth Breathing Podcaster Super Happy With Trump’s “Short and Fat” Kim Jong-Un Tweet

"As long as there's a libtard somewhere getting upset by it, I don't care if he nukes California and takes a dump on the Lincoln Memorial's steps."

Trump Supporter Visits Germany and Wonders Aloud, “Where Are All The Hitler Statues?”

Tired of all the efforts to pull down Confederate statues, a Trump supporter goes to Germany for inspiration and is confused by what he doesn't see.

Town Trump Supporter Plans Switch From Keystone Light To Ambien For A Better Night’s Racism

COLD CAVE HILLS, TENNESSEE -- When Jehtro Bohiggins logged onto Twitter early one morning this week, he says he was "shocked and dismayed" to...

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