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“Donald Trump’s 2017 New Year’s Resolutions”

Donald Trump's got the best resolutions. Many people are saying it. They say that Trump's resolutions are the best resolutions.

Donald Trump’s Christmas Shopping List (VIDEO)

When you're Donald Trump, you still need to buy people things for Christmas. But what does he get? This video tries to answer that question.

Donald Trump’s Christmas Wish List (VIDEO)

Looking to get Donald Trump, or any orange-faced fascist in your life something special for Christmas? Look no further than this list.

Dan Quayle Offers Donald Trump Spelling Lessins

Former Vice-President Danforth Quayle has reached out and offered Donald Trump spelling lessons because he thinks Trump needs them bigly.

5 Electoral College Alternatives to Donald Trump (VIDEO)

When the Electoral College meets next week, many are hoping they choose someone other than Donald Trump. Here are some suggestions for them.

President-Elect Donald Trump ‘Open To The Idea’ Of U.S./Russia Corporate Merger

Can Donald Trump unite the U.S. and Russia?

Donald Trump Claims 10 Billion Illegal Immigrants Voted For Hillary Clinton, And That He Has Cured AIDS

A new, even more unbelievable claim from Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Triumphantly Grabs One More Pussy On His Way Out The Door To Victory Lap Around Manhattan

Donald Trump performs his first super-presidential action.

Donald Trump Threatens To Sue Donald Trump For Being Donald Trump

No one messes with Donald Trump, not even Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Claims Only Blue States Are Rigged

The alleged billionaire now thinks only certain states are rigged.

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