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GOP ‘Stoked’ Civil Debate Let Viewers See How Disgusting Their Ideas and Not Their Candidates Are

The latest GOP debate gave Republican a chance to showcase how terrible their ideas, and not just their candidates, are.

Ted Cruz to GOP Voters: ‘Think of me as the lesser of two diarrheas’

Ted Cruz knows he's not the most loved, but he wants to be the second-most hated.

Billionaire Pats Money Pile Gently, Reading Super Tuesday Results

Super Tuesday's results gave one billionaire reason to cheer.

Ted Cruz Would Sign Executive Order Retroactively Deporting All Immigrant Families Ever

Ted Cruz wants every trace of immigrants wiped from the continent.

Ted Cruz: As President, If Anyone is Mean to Me, I’ll Just Walk Out of the Oval Office

Ted Cruz "joked" about walking out on the Fox News debate, but would he walk out on tough international dealings?

Carly Fiorina Tweets ‘Oops, J/K, LOL!’ After Planned Parenthood Sting Video Producers’ Indictment

From her twitter account, Carly Fiorina sends message of apology for pushing the Planned Parenthood sting videos so hard.

Terrified Reince Priebus Finally Realizes No GOP Candidate is as Electable as Mitt Romney

Sources say Reince Priebus is finally realizing his entire candidate pool makes his party look terrible, but what can be done about it now?

Michele Bachmann Endorses Ronald Reagan For President

Michele Bachmann has announced her support for a rather surprising presidential candidate.

Sarah Palin: Why Does Obama Keep Getting Bristol Pregnant?

Sara Palin is pretty sure the president knocked-up her daughter, but is this the first time?

Ted Cruz: I’m Running to be President of the Republican States of America

Ted Cruz explains his Texas values mean he doesn't give a crap about people he doesn't agree with.

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