Scott Adams Can Still Run His “Dilbert” Comics on the Back of KKK Pamphlets

Cartoonist Scott Adams’ “Dilbert” comic strip has been pulled from several major publications recently after the illustrator made public racist remarks. On Twitter, Adams used the results of an opinion poll to extrapolate that all African Americans are part of an anti-white “hate group.”

While the concept of “reverse racism” is comical to many with an IQ north of their belt size, to people like Adams, it’s clear and observable, and worth trashing your career over. However, it seems like at least one publisher isn’t convinced it’s time to cut ties with Adams. In fact, the Ku Klux Klan just issued a statement of solidarity with Adams, and confirmed his “Dilbert” strip will continue to run on the back of of their pamphlets.

“Just wanted to update everyone. The woke hive mind, as Lord Elon so brilliantly puts it, can’t keep a good Grand Wizard down,” Adams posted on Truth Social this afternoon. “Because the brilliant folks with the KKK know and respect that the founders wanted this country to be a marketplace of ideas, and surely anyone who knows enough about them knows those ideas all were supposed to be racist.”

Noted historian Kevin McKeevely told us that “shockingly, Adams may be right” about the founders.

“I mean, that doesn’t mean we should adhere to their values,” McKeevely said, “but it’s not a stretch to think people who owned black folks like property would have some pro-racist leanings.”

Adams praised the KKK’s “clarity of vision and unwavering support of free speech.”

“It’s really nice to know that my values and the klan’s values align on that front,” Adams wrote, “and not just on the whole ‘being distrustful and hateful toward black people’ front. It’s nice to find you have more things in common with your friends than you could have ever imagined.”

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James Schlarmann
James Schlarmann
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