Santa Claus Tells Man It’s Time to Stop Believing in Made Up Things Like Trump Won

GREEN VALLEY, ARKANSAS — This weekend, St. Nick, otherwise known as Santa Claus, had one what one eyewitness described as a “tense but ultimately friendly exchange” with an American man in his late forties.

“My friend, all I’m saying is that it’s probably time, at your age, to stop believing in things that are clearly fiction, and obvious fantasy. Believing in made up things is fine when you are a child, sir, but you really should stop all that by your age,” Claus was overheard telling the man.

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Reportedly, the interaction took place at a local bait and tackle shop. An unidentified male, wearing a red MAGA hat and a “Let’s Go Brandon 2024” t-shirt approached Claus, who was in town to do a little fishing and relaxing before the Christmas preparations at the North Pole kept him from taking such personal time. The local resident noticed Claus waiting in line to pay for some fishing supplies, and asked him what he’s getting for Christmas this year.

“Oh, well, I don’t have my list on me at the time, friend. However, judging by your outfit, I’d say a lump of coal is a pretty good bet,” Claus said, laughing as his belly, as big as a bowl full of gelatinous dessert, shook.

The man didn’t find that funny at all, and asked him why he’d be getting a lump of coal.

“Because participating in or supporting the overthrow of democratic governments and subverting elections puts you on the Naughty List, of course,” Claus explained.

“Look, I try not to be too harsh on anybody. I deliver toys to good little boys and girls, no matter how dumb they are. However, doing a coup isn’t just dumb; it’s dangerous. It’s terrorism. What kind of person would I be if I rewarded that kind of idiocy? I’m not immovable. Show me growth, show me that you no longer believe your reality-TV con man won an election he clearly didn’t, and I’ll put you back on the Nice List. If not, well, then good day to you sir.”

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