A Complete List of All the Awful Things Rush Limbaugh Has Said Since He Stopped Breathing

On February 17, 2021, right-wing commentator and media icon Rush Limbaugh assumed room temperature. During his career spanning many decades, Limbaugh ingratiated himself to conservatives by saying anything he wanted to about anyone he chose to, in any terms he saw fit. Limbaugh mocked the homeless, the poor, and even victims of the AIDS virus.

Rush was such a prolific artist in the mediums of insult and demagoguery that when he did finally breathe his final oxycontin-tinged breath and shuffle off this mortal coil, this publication decided it would be prudent to keep track of all the awful things he said, and who he said them about. While we acknowledge it’s highly unusual, we simply could not rule out the chance that Limbaugh would strike a deal with Satan that would allow him to hurl his insults from the depths of Hell back to our plane of existence.

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So for the past few months, we have done exactly that. We have logged, extensively, every rude, mean, disgusting, awful, trite, belittling, trolling, and dehumanizing thing Rush Limbaugh has said since he died. Below, we present our findings.

What we found over the last three months is that Rush Limbaugh had to play by the rules of the universe, and no matter how much talent he said he had “on loan from God,” he still was permanently and completely silenced by his own death. If, for some reason, Limbaugh manages to arise from the grave and starts to bully people, though, this outlet will be there to log it and report it.

Keep resting in piss, Rush. You’re most definitely (not) missed.

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