Is Antifa or the NRA Responsible for More Deaths in America?

It’s time yet again for one of our readers’ favorite features, our Not Really News Pop Quiz! In this edition of our Pop Quiz, we ask you if you can figure out the answer to what might be a very tough question, especially because of who the pop quiz about. But we have faith that our readers, our extremely intelligent readers, have what it takes to pass this pop quiz.

We all know that literally nobody is more dangerous to the health and safety of Americans like Antifa. Even though it doesn’t have an official organizational structure, they are the most dangerous group in existence in the United States today. Antifa is more dangerous than Al Qaeda, the Nazi Party, and the Houston Astros combined.


We also all know that the NRA is a kind, benevolent group of people who just care about Americans. They care about Americans’ right to keep and own guns, which are literally the most important part of being an American anyway. The NRA certainly isn’t a grifting cabal of gun manufacturers and their rich lawyers who lobby our congress to make life more unsafe for us.

So with al that said, it’s time for our pop quiz!

POP QUIZ: Is Antifa or the NRA Responsible for More Deaths in America?

Since 1980, more than one million people in this country have been killed with a gun. In the same period of time, we were unable to find a single instance of a self-identifying member of Antifa being responsible for anyone’s death. So, it seems that despite what we all know to be 100% fact about the dangers of Antifa, that somehow because the NRA refuses to support anything being done to curb gun violence in this country, that they are responsible for way more deaths than Antifa.

Huh. Weird.

Guess you could learn something new every day, couldn’t you?

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James Schlarmann
James Schlarmann
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