POLL: 60% of Americans Hoping Government Shutdown Lasts For Next 3 Years

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The federal government, barring last minute deals made by Congressional Republicans and Democrats, will run out of money and go into a shutdown mode tonight. The Trump Administration and its surrogates are out in full force trying to convince the American people that if the government shuts down, it’s all Democrats’ faults, even though Republicans control all three branches of government, and the GOP doesn’t even have a full compliment of its 51 Senators on board to vote “yes” on the continuing resolution passed last night by their counterparts in the House.

The Trump White House is attempting to lay the groundwork for the public blaming Democrats for the shutdown, but a new snap poll from CNN and pollsters We Poll You So Hard shows that not only will the majority of Americans not blame Democrats for a shutdown, many are hopeful the shutdown will last up to three years.

According to the results of the poll, 60% of Americans would blame the Republicans primarily for the shutdown, but even more astounding is the fact that by the same margin, most Americans would rather the government just stay closed for the next three years when the country holds its next presidential elections.

“I’ve never seen a poll like this before,” Susan Malloy of WPYSH told us via Skype this morning. “It’s almost like most Americans would rather there by no government for the next three years. We had a lot of respondents asking us if the president is locked out of the White House during a shutdown, and if not, can we demand Congress do that during shutdowns.”

President Trump currently has a Gallup approval rating of 38%, while 58% disapprove. Throughout his presidency, Trump has had an approval rating that stayed mostly mired in the thirties, though it did peak at around 45% early on in his tenure. Malloy says it would seem Gallup’s approval poll jibes with the results of the poll her firm conducted with CNN.

Most respondents said they’d be willing to have the government shutdown again, if after three years there is no change in White House occupants.

“Roughly 57% said that they’d like the government to re-open in three years, but that if the current administration is still there, they’d be okay with the government shutting right back down for another four years,” Malloy said.

The White House did not comment on this story.

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