Decades Ago, Doctors Already Figured Out How to Put a Human Heart in a Pig

This week, a modern medical marvel took place.

At the University of Maryland, doctors successfully transplanted a heart from a genetically modified pig into a human male with a terminal cardiac condition. While there is still much to be studied and learned from this procedure, it’s being called a true breakthrough, and the medical community seems extremely enthusiastic about what possibilities for further organ transplantation can be found.

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Miraculous as this story might seem, it’s not the first time that scientific research and medical technology has caused a nexus of humans, pigs, and hearts. It turns out, decades ago doctors were able to successfully take a human heart and shove it into a pig. The American Journals of Medical Shit record the procedure taking place in 1946, shortly after what is described as a “porcine, already very racist and stupid creature” was born to a human couple in Manhattan.

“Accounts at the time are that doctors who attended the birth were unsure what, exactly they were looking at. Was it a pig? Was it a human? Interestingly, some wondered if the racist, rich parents were lying and in fact the creature was the result of a klansman fucking a pig,” Dr. Benson Hornaydieux told reporters from the AJMS headquarters yesterday.

The creature was born with a weak heart and bone spurs. While doctors could not do anything about the spurs, they were able to come up with what, at the time, was a remarkably radical and revolutionary new procedure.

“They decided to take a human heart and put it in the pig, since the parents were so insistent their little crotch fruit was a human being anyway,” Hornaydieux explained.

Not much is known about the patient who, more than 70 years ago received a new lease on life from a human heart donor. What is known is that, astoundingly, the patient is still alive, and reportedly a “very bigly sore loser.”

“Obviously the one piece of the puzzle that’s missing to this day is giving the pig a brain,” Hornaydieux said. “Still, it’s plain to this day that as horrific and disgusting as Patient Zero clearly was and is, the doctors who kept that little pig-human life form alive performed a truly unprecedented and amazing feat.”

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