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House Republicans Admit to Smoking ‘Just Enough’ Crack Before Planned Parenthood Hearing

House Republicans needed to get in the "right frame of mind" to watch the highly edited Planned Parenthood sting videos.

LEAKED DOCS: Obama to Unveil Birth Certificate, Details of Secret Communist/Sharia Takeover On Jan. 21, 2017

An explosive new document has been released. Will Obama let you read it?

Ted Cruz: U.S. Calls ‘Dibs’ on Mars’ Water Supply, Will Charge Rest of Galaxy For Access

Scientists have found the first evidence of liquid water on Mars, and Senator Ted Cruz calls "finders/keepers."

House GOP Gives New ‘Scandal’ Official Title: Hillmailghazigate

Hillary Clinton's emails will now be the subject of an official Republican-branded scandal investigation.

Socialist Barack Obama’s Capitalist Economy Adds 295,000 Jobs, Unemployment Down to 5.5%

Republicans react to President Barack Obama's economy having another month with nearly 300,000 jobs added and the unemployment number dropping further.

John Boehner: “Wasting Time and Money Is The New ‘Leadership'”

Speaker John Boehner will never admit defeat, because Republicans have their own definitions of winning and losing.

REPORT: Chris Christie Looking Into Constitutionality of Being President While Incarcerated

Are rumors true of the Christie 2016 camp looking into running the country from prison?

5 Subjects Dick Cheney Discussed With House Republicans

Dick Cheney met with House Republicans last week. So what did he discuss with the misanthropic ne'r-do-anythings?

5 Other Things Republicans Would Not Have Applauded or Stood For During the SOTU

Republicans hated the State of the Union speech with all its talk of not being treating people like crap and whatnot.

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