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Ben Carson: Not Claiming Your Farts Is ‘Exactly Like Slavery’

Ben Carson and slavery comparisons go together like peanut butter and stupid jelly.

Doesn’t Change A Thing: Crazy, Unelectable, SOCIALIST Surges To Top of NH Polls

A totally meaningless poll shows Bernie leading Hillary. Pffft. Like that means anything.

Michele Bachmann: “Obama Brought On the Rapture, My IBS”

Besides the rapture, what else does Michele Bachmann blame Obama for?

“Why I Should Be President” by Sarah Palin

An op-ed from Sarah Palin, making her case for the presidency in 2016.

LEAKED VIDEO: RNC’s “Welcome to Republican America” (VIDEO)

Republican America is a scary place, and we have your exclusive first glimpse at it.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: “Earth’s Round Shape Totally Bogus”

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher proves his scientific intellect for the masses.

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