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Donald Trump Accidentally Finds Obama’s Confiscated Guns Stuffed Into White House Closet

President Trump accidentally found a cache of weapons taken from good, clean, ammo hoarding American patriots by Barack Obama.

Steve Bannon Invites Donald Trump Jr. On Fishing Trip For Just The Two Of Them

After a rough week in the headlines, Donald Trump Jr. gets to spend some quality time with the President of the United States of America on a boat.

Hillary Spotted in NYC, Circling Donald Trump Jr.’s Building & Shouting ‘But HIS Emails!’

As news broke of his own email problems, Hillary Clinton circled Donald Trump Jr.'s block to mock him over them.

President Trump Calls Donald Trump Jr. ‘Fake News’

After the latest bombshell report in The New York Times, the president wants to distance himself from Donald Trump Jr., his son.

Donald Trump Jr.: ‘I Didn’t Collude With Russians; I TRIED to Collude With Them’

If you ask Donald Trump Jr., he'll tell you that trying to commit a crime and committing a crime are totally separate and unrelated incidents.

James Comey Sends Donald Trump His Memos and Case of Snapple Peach Mint Tea

Former FBI Director James Comey handed over copies of his now infamous memos and a special gift of Snapple peach mint tea.

Donald Trump, Having Just Fired James Comey, Accidentally Bit Ivanka While She Spoon-Fed Him Soup

In the critical moments after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, he bit another hand that was feeding him.

Richard Nixon Seen Jacking Off Furiously as James Comey is Fired by Donald Trump

Richard Nixon didn't know you could just fire the FBI director like Trump just did to James Comey. That would've changed everything.

Donald Trump Really Happy President Donald Trump Wants to Slash His Taxes, Give Him Millions of Dollars

When Donald Trump saw the details of President Donald Trump's tax plan, he got wet with anticipation of all that sweet moola.

Donald Trump Jr. To Undergo Plastic Surgery For ‘Chronic Jizz Face’

Donald Trump Jr has a rare but horrifying condition that he has reportedly agreed to undergo a new plastic surgery procedure to remedy.

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