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U.S. Adds Its Best Athlete To Winter Olympics Team And He Will Compete In All Events

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- In a surprising and completely unforeseen development, the United States Olympic Committee announced today that it has added the country's...

Trump Disappointed He Didn’t Get To Meet Old McDonald After He Spoke To Farm Bureau

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday, President Trump visited and spoke to the Farm Bureau. While speaking to the association’s annual gathering, Mr. Trump also signed two...

Woman Finds Copy of Hillary’s Hit List Stuffed Into Copy of “What Happened”

Hillary Clinton's book, "What Happened," is supposed to give us all answers, but did a woman just find more than that stuffed in her copy?

Trump Hopeful Tax Cuts For The One Percent Will Save Florida From Devastation of Hurricane Irma

With Hurricane Irma making landfall in Florida, President Donald Trump is hoping that if lawmakers rush tax cuts for the wealthy through, all will be okay.

Trump Says Osoff Losing Means He’s No Longer Under Criminal Investigation

President Trump signaled today that he's no longer under investigation for obstruction of justice because Democrats lost an election in Georgia.

Sean Spicer: Obama Administration Didn’t Fully Vet The People Trump Hired

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer believes the Obama administration did a terrible job vetting people for the Trump administration to hire.

President Trump Appoints New National Translator for His Interviews

President Trump, when interviewed, seems to run off into wild, nonsensical tangents quite often. But a new translator might help.

Washington Nationals Couldn’t Get Trump To Throw Their First Pitch And Went With An Orange Bag Of Diarrhea

Co-President Trump will not be throwing out the first pitch for the Washington Nationals, but something very similar will be.

D.C. Rumor: Donald Trump To Nominate Scott Baio To Supreme Court

For alleged actor Scott Baio, his allegiance to former reality-TV star and current President Donald Trump may pay real dividends soon.

Trump Names Burning Cross, White Hood His Top Advisers

The Trump Administration is making more hirings.

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