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Stephen Miller Pushing Trump To Open D.C. Blood Bank Inside The White House

Citing his special dietary needs, White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller is hoping Trump and Bannon will build a new bank.

Stephen Miller Shocked To See His Own Reflection In White House Mirror

Stephen Miller was not pleased when he looked in the mirror and saw to his shock and dismay, Stephen Miller staring right back at him.

Trump Policy Adviser Stephen Miller Says 7.2 Trillion Illegal Immigrants Voted Last Year

Senior Trump official Stephen Miller doubles down on his claims of rampant voter fraud in the election his boss won last year.

Stephen Miller and Ann Coulter Step Out As America’s Hottest New Nazi Vampire Couple!

Trump senior policy adviser Stephen Miller may have a face and personality only his mother could love, but Ann Coulter wants in on that.

Stephen Miller Has White House Aides Move His Sleeping Coffin Out Of Frame For His Sunday TV Interviews

It was a tense few moments for White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller as he got ready to do live Sunday morning talk show interviews.

Lying Sack of Shit Hired By Network Full of Lying Sacks of Shit

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- While many conservatives in the media will trash talk "New York city liberals" and "coastal elites," it doesn't seem...

Matt Gaetz Tells CPAC He Won’t Let Trump ‘Pull Out Until He Finishes’

A visibly evident and olfactorily confirmed drunk Rep. Matt Gaetz (Q-FL) slurred and stammered his way through a long-winded speech today during the 2021...

Coronavirus Placed on 24-Hour Suicide Watch

Authorities are telling us that the novel coronavirus, known globally as "Covid-19," has been put on a constant, 24-hour suicide watch over the last...

Lindsey Graham Spotted Rushing to White House With UV Light and Colonoscopy Hose

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The frantic, urgent exclamations could be heard throughout the Hill this morning. "Oh sweet molasses titties, we need to make sure our...

Ivanka: “How Come Debates Are the Only Things Daddy Can Pull Out Of?”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Actual First Lady was, according to several sources close to the situation this afternoon, very confused. Word had just gotten...

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