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Paul Ryan Offers To Pay For More Benghazi Hearings By Cutting Social Security

"Will some seniors die if they don't have access to medicine and food? Sure. But I can't help but shrug a little bit."

CEO of Pet Food Company Endorses Paul Ryan for President

Charles Koch and this man want Paul Ryan to be the Republican nominee.

Paul Ryan Says He Practiced ‘Smug, Punchable’ Face for Weeks Before SOTU

Speaker Paul Ryan reportedly practiced his SOTU facial expressions or weeks.

Paul Ryan Takes Break From His Kid’s Afternoon Soccer Game To Explain Why Paid Family Leave is Wrong

Is Paul Ryan a hypocrite or just a plain ol' Republican for insisting on his own family time but not caring enough to ensure regular Americans get theirs?

Paul Ryan: “HJ-a-Day” is Deal Breaker for His Speaker Run

Paul Ryan has a LOT of historically significant demands in order to accept the role of Speaker of the House.

On His First Day as Speaker, Paul Ryan Has Promised To Do These Three Things

Paul Ryan sent his caucus a bullet-pointed list of three things he will get done in the first 24 hours he is Speaker of the House.

Paul Ryan Demands Goose That Lays Golden Eggs as Condition of Speakership

Paul Ryan once saw geese that laid golden eggs, and he's demanding one now as payment for his speakership.

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