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Terrified Reince Priebus Finally Realizes No GOP Candidate is as Electable as Mitt Romney

Sources say Reince Priebus is finally realizing his entire candidate pool makes his party look terrible, but what can be done about it now?

Michele Bachmann Endorses Ronald Reagan For President

Michele Bachmann has announced her support for a rather surprising presidential candidate.

Sarah Palin: Why Does Obama Keep Getting Bristol Pregnant?

Sara Palin is pretty sure the president knocked-up her daughter, but is this the first time?

Ted Cruz: I’m Running to be President of the Republican States of America

Ted Cruz explains his Texas values mean he doesn't give a crap about people he doesn't agree with.

Nation Prepares to ‘Give a F**k’ About New New Hampshirite Political Opinions

The New Hampshire primaries are in full-swing, which means the nation is pretending to care about the Granite State.

Chris Christie in New Hampshire: ‘I Give a Shit Where Kids Shit’

Chris Christie has an opinion about where kids relieve themselves, and he's not afraid to make it known.

Ben Carson’s Reaction to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”: Where’s Spock and the TARDIS?

Ben Carson liked the new "Star Wars" film, but felt it was missing a couple key characters.

Muslim Colorado Springs Resident Proposes Monitoring Christian Churches

One Muslim man in Colorado wants to start monitoring Christian churches if conservatives are going to start monitoring Mosques.

FDA Rushing Approval of Antidote to American Islamaphobia

American Islamaphobia has gotten so rampant that the FDA is working hard to get a cure for it to market.

House Hunting American Muslim Family ‘Thrilled’ With Hidden Annex They’ve Found

One American Muslim family has found what they think is their next home.

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