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How 3 House Republicans Spent The First Day of Their Fundraising Vacation — Oops! — The Government Shutdown

How three House Republicans spent the first day of their taxpayer funded, unscheduled vacation.

House GOP To De-Fund The North Pole

House Republicans are moving to de-fund Kris Kringle.

5 Reasons You Give a Shit What Mitt Romney Thinks About Obama’s Second Term

Mitt Romney recently made some comments about Obama's second term, presuming that anyone cares. Spoiler alert: We don't.

5 Problems Whose Solutions Are Also “America!”

Maybe Marco Rubio isn't so naive after all.

5 Other Patriotic Things Donald Trump Could Pay For

Other than White House tours, what should we have Donald Trump pay for?

House Democrats Hire Ken Starr to Investigate Steve Bannon’s White House Blowjobs

New White House Comms Director Anthony Scaramucci made a rather bawdy and bold claim about Steve Bannon and Oval Office oral.

Sad Libertarian to Investigate Why Candidate No One Voted For is Dropping Out of Race

Rand Paul is quitting and that has this libertarian very upset, and believing in a conspiracy against him.

Sad Libertarian Doesn’t Get Why His Unpopular Candidate With Unpopular Ideas Was Dropped From Debate

When Rand Paul was kicked off the adult debate stage, that was enough to enrage one libertarian Facebook admin to the point of screed writing.

Sad Libertarian Can’t Figure Out Why His Bottom Polling Candidate Didn’t Get More Debate Time

One libertarian can't figure out why bottom-placing Rand Paul isn't getting more screen time at the debates.

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