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Chief Justice John Roberts Wonders When He Can Stop Pretending to Care About Black People

Chief Justice John Roberts while eating at Denny's clarifies comments he made in a hearing on Affirmative Action.

Obama’s Communist Policies Net Capitalist American Economy 211,00 New Jobs

The extreme communism of President Barack Obama garnered the American capitalist economy 211,000 new jobs in November 2015.

GOP Worried That Morons They Courted For Eight Years Could Cost Them Election

The establishment wing of the GOP is shaking in their boots over the people who support Carson and Trump.

Obama’s Socialist Takeover Shocker: U.S. Economy Adds 270k New Jobs In October

The October employment numbers are in, and Republicans do not like them, but not because they aren't good.

Priebus Peeved Town Turd Polisher Didn’t Polish His Turds Enough

Reince Priebus has not had a good week between the CNBC debate and a batch of turds not being shined to his liking.

House Republicans Start ‘Pre-Impeachment’ Proceedings For Hillary Clinton

The Benghazi hearings were good, but some members of the House want to impeach Hillary Clinton preemptively, prior to the election.

D.C. Area Bars Honor John Boehner’s Tenure By Lowering Cocktail Napkins to Half Staff

John Boehner gets a loving tribute from the Americans he helped most -- bar owners.

House Republicans Admit to Smoking ‘Just Enough’ Crack Before Planned Parenthood Hearing

House Republicans needed to get in the "right frame of mind" to watch the highly edited Planned Parenthood sting videos.

Libertarian Chooses Living at Home Over Minimum Wage Job

One young libertarian explains why he's not a hypocritical neophyte dummy.

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