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Trump Returns From Fishing Trip With Catch He Tells Media Is 900-lb. Shark

When coming back to the White House from a fishing trip, President Trump claims to have caught a 900 pound great white shark.

Mulvaney And Trump Clink Champagne Glasses, Snack On Lobster, And Toast The Demise Meals On Wheels

Budget director Mick Mulvaney and Co-President Donald J. Trump enjoyed a lovely meal together and toasted the end of Meals on Wheels.

Conway Caught Freebasing Chemtrails In Tinfoil Tent, Ranting That Bowling Green Was An ‘Inside False Flag’

When her friends and colleagues recently staged an intervention, Kellyanne Conway was caught in a compromising position.

Classic TV Show Gets Reboot And Will Be About The Trump Cabinet

If you need help, and you need it to be incompetent, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire, Trump Cabinet -- The B-Team.

President Trump Honors International Women’s Day With Rose Garden Pussy Grabbing Ceremony

President Trump held a very special ceremony in the White House Rose Garden to honor International Women's Day, and he ended it with a flourish.

Contents Of Obama’s Trump Wiretap Uncovered By White House Cleaning Staff

What could Obama have learned in a wiretap of Trump? We may have just found out, according to White House sources.

Local Man Wants Moderate Republicans To Apologize For Helping Elect An Orange Terrorist

If there are such things as the elusive moderate Republican around still, this Oregon man wants an apology from them for Trump.

PolitiFact Says Trump Administration Pushing Their Needle To Near Breaking Point

The fact-checkers with PolitiFact are saying the Trump administration is putting them and their machinery in grave, immediate peril.

NSA Encrypting Security Briefs At Fifth Grade Reading Level To Keep Trump From Compromising Them

Agents with the NSA have begun to encrypt their intelligence briefings in a way they hope will keep Trump from understanding them.

Army Corps Of Engineers To Install All-Seeing Eye On Top Of Trump Tower

WASHINGTON, D.C.  -- President Donald Trump ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to install a new, "all seeing, all powerful eye" on top of...

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