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Congress Commissions Tiny Bible For Trump’s Inauguration

Preparations are underway for Trump's inauguration.

Senate Bravely Votes To Continue Doing ‘F— All’ In The Face of Gun Violence Epidemic

Members of the U.S. Senate showed bold leadership by doing nothing about a growing problem.

Republicans Seethe as Obama’s Communist Assault on Economy Adds 215k New Jobs

America's free market capitalist economy took a barrage of socialist punches this month.

Obama Offers Republicans To Get Hillary Clinton Out Of The Election By Nominating Her For Scalia’s Seat

President Obama offers an interesting deal to Republicans for Scalia's seat.

Obama to Resign Presidency to Biden Who Will Nominate Him to Supreme Court

A newly leaked Obama memo may exposed a new conspiracy that right-wingers need to be aware of.

Obama’s Communist Economic Assault Lowers Unemployment Below 5%

Republicans are sure something is afoul because the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been since nearly a year before Obama took office.

Trump Campaign Looking for Volunteer to be Shot

The Donald Trump campaign is looking to double-down on comments their candidate made about shooting someone and maintaining his lead in the polls.

D.C. Area Pigeon Promises to ‘S*** All Over’ Cheney Statue ‘Like He S*** All Over This Country’

A Dick Cheney Statue is going to be installed at the U.S. Capitol, and one pigeon has pledged to do his part in response.

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