Obama’s Gun Confiscation Count: Final Count Edition!

Total: Guns Confiscated by President Barack Obama (Entire Presidency):


Total: Caches of Weapons and Ammunition, Seized by President Barack Obama (Entire Presidency):


Total: FEMA Camps Authorized, Gun Owners Incarcerated in by President Barack Obama (Entire Presidency):


Total: Guns Turned Into Rainbow Firing Cannons of Gay Love by President Barack Obama (Entire Presidency):


Total: Second Amendments Deleted by President Barack Obama (Entire Presidency):


Total: Number of Americans who over the course of eight years were cajoled, battered, frightened and ad blitzed into buying ever more guns, convinced that a tyrannical — duly elected — dictator would steal their guns away from…eventually, at some point, and that allowed the gun manufacturing lobby to simply increase their profit margins while making our society undeniably less safe:

“Make America a cesspool again.”

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