Michelle Wolf Apologizes For Anyone Offended By Her “Locker Room Set” At White House Correspondents Dinner

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Comedian Michelle Wolf metaphorically lit the room on fire at last night’s White House Correspondents dinner.

In a set that lasted about 20 minutes, Wolf lampooned everyone in the room. Congress got hit with a punchline. Democrats got hit with punchlines. And the Trump administration got roasted in a freewheeling, often times profane routine that left many speechless, others cheering, and even still others furrowing their brows and protesting over their hurt sensibilities. Wolf mocked Mike Pence’s views on abortion, and called Trump’s actual wealth into question, tying the president in a joke to the Southwestern Airliner whose engine failed last week.

Wolf’s set has been criticized by some for its vulgarity, and this morning as the comedian was boarding her flight out of the nation’s capital, she was spotted by reporters and asked about her set and the reaction to it.

“Well, all I was doing was comedy and telling truth through it,” Wolf said. “If people were offended, sure, I’m sorry, I guess. I mean, some people are probably offended by being called rapists andc criminals because they’re from Mexico. Some people might be offended because they’re told they’re not as worthy of protection as white people’s coal jobs. But sure, I’m sorry for the truth hurting so many feelings last night.”

Ms. Wolf’s set was a blistering 20 minute damnation of just about everyone in attendance. She hit congress, the press, and the Trump administration on many fronts. Wolf’s material about Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was incorrectly painted by some as being about her looks, however Huckabee’s makeup choice was the vehicle for larger satirical criticisms of her estranged relationship with facts and truth.

Before boarding her flight, Ms. Wolf did have a suggestion to make for people who want to feel less offended by the words she used last night. Wolf repeatedly said “pussy” in reference to President Trump, for instance, and she said just as she was heading off into the tunnel toward the plane that she thought of a way that people could be “way less offended” by her WHCD set.

“Maybe they should just think of what I did as a locker room set,” Wolf said. “I don’t know. Just a suggestion. Maybe that would feel less offensive to some of them. What do I know?”

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