InbredsOfTikTok Curates Content from Pro-Trump Users

While the Internet debates whether social media accounts that anonymously aggregate content for the purpose of fomenting outrage and directing targeted hate and abuse toward communities of people online should be tolerated, a new aggregator on the block is already picking up steam, and a boatload of followers.

InbredsOfTikTok, which calls itself the “ideological counterpunch to LibsofTikTok,” is an anonymous account that collects and reposts videos posted to TikTok from pro-Trump Americans. Most of the clips posted by InbredsOfTikTok feature various people in MAGA hats and sunglasses, ranting about having to acknowledge the existence of trans people without bullying them, asking why the Bible is so reverse racist it doesn’t have any white people in it, and sharing recipes for homemade sexual lubricants that are guaranteed not to chafe your cousin’s genitals. In just over six days of existence, InbredsOfTikTok has amassed tens of thousands of followers.

In recent days, a furor has erupted after a reporter from The Washington Post unmasking the owner of an account called “LibsOfTikTok,” which aggregates and re-shares videos posted by LGBTQ teachers and advocates, implying they are “grooming” children for pedophilia and early sexualization. While accusing members of the LGTBQ community of being child predators is a trope as old as Mitch McConnell’s taint, the advent of social media and the fact that LibsofTikTok boasts about its ability to influence anti-LGTBQ legislation in red states has brought moral panic over queer people back front and center.

The owner of InbredsOfTikTok wishes to keep their identity a secret, however they released the following, via a video message. Transcribed herein is the message.

“We started the InbredsOfTikTok account as an ideological counterpunch to LibsofTikTok. If they’re going to take videos out of context and gin up some kind of moral outrage over them, it’s only fair that we post their videos, with the context they were recorded under, and let the world decide whether MAGA is just a consortium of angry, bitter, ignorant church goers hellbent on getting society to go back to pretending queer people don’t exist. Anyone upset by our account’s editorial decisions is invited to seethe, cope, and die mad about it, because, and we think they’ll understand this quite well: Fuck your feelings.”

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