Kathy Griffin to Release Animated GIF of Trump Beheading Made From “Clash of the Titans” Scene

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA — Actress and comedian Kathy Griffin made international headlines when she posed for a picture holding a fake severed head of temporary President Donald Trump. The political protest was roundly criticized by people across the political spectrum, but those on the right took exceptional exception to the stunt. Many have speculated that the portrait was simply a misguided attempt to use imagery that evoked the French Revolution, in which members of the monarchy in France were beheaded after becoming completely disconnected from the people they were in charge of. American conservatives, however, decried the photo and claimed it promoted violence and assassination against a sitting president.

Griffin was interviewed by the Secret Service for hours about the photo, but reports are that she’s planning a new political statement and will release it some time in the coming weeks.

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According to sources close to Griffin, she’s contracted with a Reddit user to have them super-impose a static picture of President Trump’s head on top of the head of a man being beheaded in the 1980’s cult classic film, “Clash of the Titans.” The scene in question is the beheading of the character Medusa by Perseus. Plans are reportedly to simply have the image below dropped on top of the actress playing Medussa’s head.

“Maybe my use of French Revolution imagery went over Trumpers’ heads,” Griffin conceded in an interview with Libtarded Hollywood Elitists Weekly, “but then I saw how many of them were totally fine with that animated CNN gif the middle aged racist that Trump retweeted made. And a light bulb came on over my head. I knew how I could make a political statement without offending their delicate sensibilities.”

Griffin was referring to a tweet sent by President Trump that embedded an animated GIF of himself body slamming and beating up a man with a CNN logo over his face. The video was made by a Reddit user with the handle “HanAssholeSolo,” and CNN was able to track that man down. The Reddit user issued an apology and showed remorse for his actions, which compelled CNN to leave his identity anonymous. Right-wing America is currently pushing the hashtag #CNNBlackmail, saying that the news network’s reservation of the right to publish his name at a later date if he starts publishing the same kinds of memes and GIFs he was before is a violation of U.S. law.

Ms. Griffin didn’t address any of that commotion, but simply said she wanted to “follow suit” and make a political statement in a way that would keep Trumpers from being offended.

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“Obviously they get how political statements work when they’re made in cheap animated GIF form,” Griffin says in the same interview, “so to me, that means they should understand I wasn’t advocating that we actually behead Trump the last time if I do the same way. All I’m trying to say is that Trump is a monster like Medusa, and the way you behead this particular monster with hideous hair is to impeach — not literally behead — him.”

The White House did not respond to requests for comment.

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