Kari Lake Tells Newsmax She Can Prove The Eagles Actually Won Super Bowl LVII

In an interview this morning, certified election loser and Not Arizona’s Governor Kari Lake informed Newsmax that she has “irrefutable proof” that it was actually the Philadelphia Eagles who won yesterday’s Super Bowl LVII, and not the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Sure, the lamestream media – the true enemies of the people – want you to believe the Chiefs won,” Lake said, “just because they had more points when the contest was over, and because you saw it with your own eyes. But, I have to tell you, if the American public knew what I know about the game, they’d believe me. THE EAGLES ACTUALLY WON!”

Lake promised that she would provide the public with what she called her “bulletproof, solid as all get out evidence” that the Eagles actually won Super Bowl LVII, just as soon as it’s ready.

“What happens is next is me and Mike Lindell will go hole up in his bunker he had built — you know, the one that’s guarded by the sasquatch mounted unicorn patrol,” Lake promised, “and once we have all the evidence fabricated, we will present it to Dan Bongino, you folks here at Newsmax, and other such venerated sources of true facts like Alex Jones and Dinesh D’Souza. At that point, it’ll be up to the American people to storm the NFL’s corporate headquarters and demand that the Eagles be made the rightful Super Bowl champs, or we’ll hang Mike Pence.”

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