In Arkansas, Our Kids Are Too Young to Choose a Gender, But Old Enough to Choose a Career

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The following editorial was written by Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of Ms. Huckabee Sanders, her far right-wing evangelical religious extremist base, her arch conservative campaign donors, and white supremacists everywhere, but not necessarily those of this outlet or its management.

You would have thought when I signed the roll-back of child labor protections the other day that I had somehow opened the door up for employers to take advantage of poor kids and force them into an early life of hard labor, just because that’s exactly what I did.

But let me tell you something, as always the Loony Left — you know, the ones who DON’T think we should force every American to live under a strict moral code out of a book written centuries ago by men with political agendas? — is just plain wrong about this situation. They’re blowing things out of proportion. They’re claiming that just because businesses exploited children in this country in the past, and still routinely exploit children in developing nations, that means they’re prone to do it here again.

Let me say, I know hogwash from a lifetime of being washed, and that’s just plain hogwash.

What we good, clean, ammo hoarding, rifle brandishing, Ten Commandment following, Christian Nationalist Patriots understand is that kids develop slowly. By the time they are ten or eleven years of age, you’d be surprised what they are capable of handling. You’d be shocked, if you lived in a liberal coastal elite town like Los Angeles, New York City, or Minneapolis, to find out that before they’re even teenagers, our kids can decide quite a lot about their own futures!

There’s really almost nothing that a kid that age can’t do on their own. Almost.

You see, here in Arkansas, we understand that our kids are old enough to pick their career in fifth grade, they’re just not ever really old enough to pick their gender. Because God already did that for them, and other then pediatric cancer, the Great Flood, AIDS, and Hitler’s general existence, God has a perfect track record in His decision making.

Kids can know and understand so much about life at a very young age.

They’re old enough at twelve to understand tax withholding, W-2’s and all kinds of small government, free market-ish stuff. My kids were old enough at that age to understand they’ll burn in Hell if they live a life of sin, such as wearing a dress if they feel more comfy in it, despite being a man. Because as much as our kids are ready for the real world life of a 9 to 5 job before puberty, they simply can’t know their own bodies, emotions, or mental health state well enough at any age to pick their own gender.

Checkmate, Libs.


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