Hillary Spotted in NYC, Circling Donald Trump Jr.’s Building & Shouting ‘But HIS Emails!’

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — NYPD has confirmed at the time of publication that they have received several reports of a light, late model sedan circling the building that Donald Trump Jr. lives in, with former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton driving. Ms. Clinton could be heard shouting many things out of the driver’s side window, but one thing that every eyewitness has heard her shout is, “But HIS emails!”

Reportedly, Ms. Clinton has appended “bitch” and “Overbite dick” to “But HIS emails” as well.

“But HIS emails, bitch,” Clinton was heard shouting by one New York resident.

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Clinton is likely referring to a phrase that came to prominence curing last year’s election. “But, her emails,” was often heard from Trump supporters who might have been reluctant to vote for the D-List reality-TV celebrity, but were concerned over Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State. That email server became the heart and soul of the Republican case against Ms. Clinton, as she was under FBI investigation at the time for her use of it. Former FBI Director James Comey made waves and headlines when he broke bureau precedent to announce, with just a few weeks left in the campaign, that Clinton had been under investigation, but charges were not appropriate, only to turn around a few weeks later, with even less time left in the campaign, to say the FBI was re-opening the investigation into the email server.

Ultimately, Comey made one more announcement, just a few days later. The FBI was closing the case on Clinton. But perhaps, the damage had already been done to Ms. Clinton’s efforts, and she wound-up losing. The subject of her email server is still brought up frequently online by Trump supporters, looking to cast shame on her.

New York Times bombshell report released last night indicates that Donald Trump Jr., President Trump’s oldest son, accepted a meeting with a Russian lawyer tied to the Kremlin. Documents released by both Donald Jr. and The Times show that he was aware the information was coming from Russia’s efforts to help his father win.

“Oh, I’m the one that’s an idiot when it comes to handling emails, Donny Junior,” former Secretary Clinton was heard shouting at the top of her lungs.

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After about thirty minutes of circling Trump’s building, Clinton began shouting something else at the top of her lungs.

“Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up,” Clinton could be heard shouting from her car window.

The NYPD and Secret Service indicated they have no intention of stopping Ms. Clinton.

“He kinda deserves it,” NYPD Detective Lance Smittens told us, “the pseudo-traitorous dick. No one’s above the law, and that asshole deserves a good ribbing, to say the least.”

This is a developing story.

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