Hey Libs: Fauci’s Emails Prove Trump Isn’t an Autocratic, Lying, Daughter-Lusting Racist Fuckbag

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Hey Libs:

Face it. Face facts. Put your face in these facts and take a big ol’ American whiff (with those same noses you usually look down on Fly Over Country with). You can’t get away from the stench. You know it. We REAL Americans know it. It’s the smell of the stinkiest fart perhaps ever lain in our nation’s great history.

…and your boy Dr. Fauci’s the one dealt this one.

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We TruePatriots™ understand that you all are kept sheltered from the truth-like existence we comically call “reality.” Maybe you can be forgiven for not knowing about what just happened with Fauci’s emails. It’s time for you to wake up and drink a strong cup of CHECKMATE LIBTARDS, because basically now we know — for a fact — that Fauci was the worst kind of expert.

The kind that change their opinions and advice when they are presented with new facts and evidence. You know. Cucks.

Tony Fauci should be arrested and tried for treason against our former unconstitutionally deposed king for his wishy-washy stance on masks alone. How many trillions of dollars did the Left’s Golden Boy cost us by updating his opinion after he found out how well masks could help stop and contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus? True blue, American warrior God emperor presidents make their decisions and stick with them, no matter the outcome.

That’s why we still defend Vietnam, Trickle Down, The Iraq War, and everything that happened the last four years that we would have demanded Obama be literally executed for doing.

The thing that not enough people are telling you libs, though, is that Fauci’s emails go deeper than just proving he’s a nerd who can’t pick a lane and stay in it until everything literally falls apart and he blames, you know, minorities or whatever. What this whole #FauciEmailgateghazi proves is what you socialist commie soyboy beta losers will never admit.

Donald Trump isn’t an autocratic, daughter-lusting fuckbag.

His entire presidency you drove this sweet, greedy, vain, scientifically illiterate, barely actually literate, warrior patriot leader and dragged him through Hell for four years. Your immature insistence on “holding him accountable” for all the laws he flagrantly violated, and all the insurrections he clearly inspired, stoked, and incited, was so gross to watch. Really guys, super gross.

Now we have all these Fauci emails and it erases everything.

Those emails are proof that everything you said he did and had direct evidence of him doing he didn’t actually do. All the things you said he said and had recoded video evidence of him saying? He didn’t actually say because of T.Fauc’s email’s.

Welcome to the truth-like existence we comically call “reality,” libs.

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