Can You Spot All The Similarities These Two Share That Make Trump Question Their Eligibility?

This man’s name is Barack Hussein Obama. You might remember him from a previous timeline where presidential scandals were about simpler things like tan suits and mustard on hamburgers, not treason and sabotaging the post office to win an election. He was the 44th President of the United States of America, and made quite a bit of history as the first person of African descent to do so.

Trump: “Harris and Biden Are Dangerous Marxist Commies in Wall Street’s Back Pocket!”

This woman’s name is Kamala Harris. She was the Attorney General of California. She is currently a United States Senator representing the same state. As of this week, however, she’s also the Democratic Party’s presumptive Vice Presidential nominee.

And here is a picture of both Ms. Harris and Mr. Obama together, back when Obama was still in office, and Harris was the Attorney General for the state with one of the largest economies in the world.

As you look at these pictures, particularly the one of Harris and Obama together, do you see anything similar between them? We ask because both have been treated in a similar fashion by one man — and his surrogates in the media as well as his political supporters. So-called President Donald Trump openly doubted Obama’s citizenship and harassed him relentlessly for proof of it, and now Mr. Trump seems content to push the same kind of questions about Harris’ eligibility to be Vice President, which would also imperil her eligibility to assume the role of President should that need arise.

In all candor, it does seem odd that Mr. Trump would question both of these people’s eligibility, doesn’t it? Both are well-educated, successful professionals who achieved quite a bit of success before their political aspirations. Nobody else has been quite so forceful about challenging their eligibility to be president as Trump has…but, why?

It can’t be that they’re both Democrats. He doesn’t question Joe Biden’s eligibility, and Biden is a Democrat. It can’t be that they’re both his political opponents, because he never had the courage to face Obama head-to-head in an election. So, once more, we’re left to wonder just what, exactly it is that these two human beings have in common that would put in Trump’s mind that they may not be eligible to hold the office of the presidency.

We started talking about it around the water cooler this week, and decided that maybe some eagle-eyed folks out there in Internet Land could spot the similarities we’re missing. We admit that maybe we’re just not looking in the right in the right place.

So if you read this article, and you think you figure out why it is that Donald Trump would harass both of these people over their citizen and eligibility to be president, then drop us a line here, or on our social media channels, and we’ll let all the people know what you find!

Good luck, detectives!

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