Why The GOP Is Against Free Junior College (VIDEO)

When President Barack Obama’s administration announced earlier this month that they were going to propose two free years of junior college for all Americans with the only caveat of “if you’ll work for it.” We here at The Chute presume that means there’ll be some kind of work or social service requirement attached to Obama’s proposed program, which is the sort of thing that old guard conservatives would have loved. You give people who need it a chance to better themselves, become more productive and add to the economy, and you get a return on your investment in the form of either working in the labor market as a prerequisite or in some other contribution to the taxpayers that are fronting your tuition for a couple years.

So of course that means that modern day conservatives would hate the living balls off this proposal. But we wanted to know why, exactly. So we reached to the Republican National Committee and they had their usual Internet Spokesman, State Rep. Tom Thompaulsen (R), give us this prepared response.

Watch Why The GOP Is Against Free Junior College, below:


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