She Can’t Spell “FAA” But She’s Certain the Outage is Pete Buttigieg’s Fault

No one has ever accused Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (Q-CO) of being intelligent, but that has never stopped her from pretending to know things she doesn’t, and it would appear she’s not going to change any time soon.

Though some might presume that winning re-election with a margin under 600 votes out of tens of thousands cast would imbue Ms. Boebert with at least a modicum of humility and shame, if the recent FAA system outage is anything to judge by, that presumption would be false. Sources say that despite Boebert’s inability to spell “FAA” on her own, without any help from her aides, she was insistent attacking Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg over the system outage. As planes remained grounded, Boebert took to Twitter to lash out at Buttigieg.

“Every plan in America is currently grounded due to a system error,” Boebert tweeted, without demonstrating that she knew which system was impacted, and what the error was. “Mayor Pete, bravo. This is what happens when you hire clueless liberals for jobs they aren’t qualified to do.”

Appearing later on Fox News, Boebert explained her tweet even further.

“I think the last sentence in that tweet is the most important, and that’s why I made sure my staffers typed it out for me correctly, given that I’m functionally illiterate and everything,” Boebert said. “The truth that all patriots understand is that hiring clueless liberals gets you an FAA outage, and hiring clueless MAGA Conservatives gets you a congresswoman from Colorado! And I think we all know which is best for the American people!”

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James Schlarmann
James Schlarmann
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