5 Electoral College Alternatives to Donald Trump (VIDEO)

In just a few short days, the Electoral College will meet and most likely confirm Donald J. Trump, alleged billionaire and former reality-TV star, as our 45th President of the United States of America. This eventuality has many on the left in a bit of a state of panic, perhaps understandably so. After all, the way his transition has been going, to assume Trump’s presidency would be anything but a total and complete farcical shit show is to put far, far too much faith in the orange megalomaniac.

There’s been a concerted effort made by a lot of progressives, some Hollywood celebrity-types in particular, to convince the electors to admit to being “faithless” in Trump’s abilities to govern, and to flip and go for Hillary Clinton instead. This is…very likely not going to happen. But the whole notion of faithless electors got me to thinking, and that thinking is what inspired this video segment. Enjoy!

5 Electoral College Alternatives to Donald Trump

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