Dr. Tucker Carlson Still Not Ready to Endorse COVID-19 Vaccine

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COVID-19 vaccines have been available for more than six months, and while an initial surge of Americans taking one of the three currently approved vaccinations gave medical professionals some hope, vaccination rates have plateaued. Data seems to suggest that some of the largest pockets of vaccine resistance or hesitance is among right-wing, pro-MAGA Americans, millions of whom tune into Dr. Tucker Carlson’s nightly Fox News opinion show.

Dr. Carlson, who is undoubtedly vaccinated himself, and has been for several months, has yet to fully endorse or encourage his audience to get vaccinated. This, despite the fact that Mr. Carlson is clearly one of the country’s foremost medical experts, having gotten his medical degree from Goebbels Medical School in Burning Cross, Mississippi in the early 1990’s, and notwithstanding that more than 600,000 Americans have already lost their lives after battling the virus.

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With the COVID-19 delta variant surging among the unvaccinated population which dovetails with his audience’s demographics, many are wondering when Carlson will put public safety at the fore of his show, and encourage the unvaccinated, largely unwashed masses, to get vaccinated.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning, Dr. Carlson made it clear that a vaccine endorsement isn’t coming any time soon.

“Firstly, as the Heartland’s Most Trusted Medical Professional, let me all remind you to run out and pick up a case of Dr. Tuck’s Serpentine Grease,” Dr. Carlson reminded the Fox News audience. “I can only speak for myself, but of course I trust my personally branded serpentine grease more than I trust a vaccine developed in a lab I don’t personally own.”

Carlson said that even though he is vaccinated, he’s not sure the “plebs, morons, and mouth breathers” in his audience should do the same.

“I mean, why should they all get something I got. I’m rich, and therefore I get to have things,” Carlson explained. “The plebs, morons, and mouth breathers? They’re the opposite of rich — because, you know, the government. My question is do we really care if people get sick and die from COVID anymore, or will that simply open up some more jobs in the private sector for people to work until they die anyway, COVID or not?”

Carlson hinted that MAGA-Americans who wish to protect themselves from COVID-19 can “still try some of the alternative vaccines” suggested by then-President Donald Trump, during the height of the pandemic last year.

“Why did we abandon bleach and colorectal sunlight injections in the first place? I’ve seen plenty of studies in my mind that indicate those treatments would be just fine, should anyone in my audience get sick with COVID,” Carlson proclaimed. “As soon as I figure out how to get those studies out of my imagination and into a medical journal, things will change pretty quickly around this country.”

On a related note, it was just announced that the COVID-19 delta variant has become the biggest single sponsor of Tucker Carlson’s nightly Fox News program.

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