“Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Shortlist”

Believe it or not Donald Trump gets to pick our next Supreme Court Justice, but who will he pick? We are living in odd and fascinating times, aren’t we? At the Chute, we’re wondering if Trump will ask his former producers from “The Apprentice” to help, since he’s probably not used to making such decisions on his own. We also wonder if he realizes he doesn’t get to fire any of the current justices. Then again, something tells us he won’t be caring really all that much about the constitutional limits on his powers, regardless.

So, what kinds of people can we expect to find on Donald Trump’s Supreme Court shortlist? As always, we did the most hard hitting, intense research that 30-60 minutes of Googling can get you, and we put together this short video segment on that very subject. Enjoy!

“Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Shortlist”

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I look forward to opinions by Trump appointee and leading American
Conspiracy Theorist/Lawyer/Dentist/Real Estate Agent/ex-Moldovan Orli Taitz, a graduate of the William Howard Taft University on Line School of Law .


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