Is Donald Trump Going to Cry About It?

Yesterday was not a good day for former, one term, twice forever impeached and defeated President Donald J. Trump.

After a lifetime of avoiding the consequences of his actions, the first of several legal dominos fell, and Trump was officially arrested, booked, and arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on thirty-four separate felony charges stemming from a hush money payment to a porn star. The charges also include a count of conspiracy to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. Images from the courtroom showed Trump quietly sitting next to his attorneys as the proceedings went on around him.

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In public, Trump has tried to put on a brave face. Last night he delivered a meandering, invective-laced tirade against the New York City District Attorney, the judge in the case, and even the families of the two. But sources close to the situation say as strong as he’s attempting to appear to his followers, deep down the ex-commander in chief is very, very, very sad, and one question remains on everyone’s minds.

Is Donald Trump going to cry about it? We asked three average Americans what they think.

Mark Richards, 34, Great Falls, Indiana:

“I don’t know if he’s crying, per se. But for sure there are some big feelings being felt and expressed. That’s what my wife and I called it when one of OUR toddlers was having a tantrum, anyway, and I can’t imagine this overgrown toddler having a much more emotionally mature response than our two year old did when we told them they had to put their toys away and take a nap.”

Kim Schwimm, 31, West Island, Iowa:

“I can’t say for certain if he’s crying, but that Mango CrayCray Greene thing hasn’t shut the fuck up for the entire week since the indictments were announced, and Fox News has been wall-to-wall crying MAGAs for the same amount of time, so SOMEONE is definitely crying a lot about it.”


Marilyn Mansion, 64, Goose Harbor, Idaho:

“Does the pope shit in the woods? Of course that fat fuck is going to cry about this. All he does is cry. Look at his rallies, the emotional subtext is a gelatinous bag of dick-sauce crying about how poorly he’s been treated because he can’t just do whatever the hell he wants to do whenever the hell he wants to do it without being held accountable for it. When the cameras aren’t on him, he’s probably balling his McNugget sauce drenched eyes out about it.”

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