Conservative Economist Predicts Inflation Will Fall 200% If Everyone Sees Hunter Biden’s Dick

When the Republican Party secured control of the House of Representatives in last year’s midterm election, they promised the American people that they would get to business tackling the important issues that need addressing, such as inflation, which has risen sharply in the years since the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

This week, House Republicans have begun holding committee hearings, and according to alleged Speaker Kevin McCarthy (Q-CA), they’re showing the American people that they’re still laser focused on the economy, as evidenced by their decision to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop story from three years ago.

Pro-MAGA forces have long-contended that if Twitter hadn’t censored The New York Post’s story about the contents of a clandestinely obtained hard drive from Hunter Biden’s laptop, more people could have been swayed by Hunter’s dick pics into voting instead for their candidate — a D-List, racist, former game show host who is currently the subject of multiple criminal investigations, instead of Hunter’s father, President Joe Biden. Today, on Fox News, Chad Riccilumbo, president of the Social Darwinism think tank, an economic policy group funded by Betsy DeVos’s Nazi gold collection, explained to viewers why it’s so vital to the American economy that everyone see Hunter Biden’s penis.

“Brian, by my calculations, if everyone in America saw an image of Hunter’s dong, inflation would drop by no less than 200%,” Riccilumbo insisted. “You heard me right, if every single American takes the time out of their day to look at a digital image or two the president’s son’s peen-ween, prices will fall in a very free market-y way, and we all know that’s a very good thing for consumers.”

Have you seen Hunter Biden’s dick, and if so, how quickly did inflation start to drop in your hometown? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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James Schlarmann
James Schlarmann
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