CNN+’s Failure Proves Liberalism is in Decline, and That’s What I’ll Post on Truth Social

The following editorial was submitted by State Rep. Tom Thompaulsen (Q). Thompaulsen is a Republican elected official from a red state, and the views and opinions expressed herein are those of Rep. Thompaulsen, and only those of Rep. Thompaulsen. They do not necessarily reflect those of this outlet, its ownership, or staff.

CNN+ is dead, and it’s pretty clear that liberalism is dying right along with it. At least that’s how things shake out according to my perspective, and I’m going to post my thoughts on this very subject, and I won’t lie — I’ll probably gloat a little, too — to my Truth Social account.

Of course, I need for Truth Social to actually function for me to do that, and I’m sure that’s going to happen soon. Maybe former President Trump is too busy running his steak empire, or his bottled water empire. Perhaps, maybe his super-successful casino venture is taking up so much of his time that he can’t get to running his social media site well. But, at any rate, as soon as Truth Social is up and running, I’m going to post about how CNN+ proves that liberalism is on the decline.

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You know what, though? Maybe I’ll post it on Parler instead!

Okay, so I just tried to post it on Parler and, like, six white supremacists liked my post and that was it. So, maybe I’ll try Gab! Everyone knows Gab is totally the best free speech platform out there! Yes, that’s it! Gab is the way to go.

Well, so I tried to post my thoughts and Gab and there was an even smaller response than on Parler! Of course I’m not sure, but I bet that George Soros, Barack Obama, and maybe even Kathleen Kennedy were behind this! They’re making it so that I have no other choice but to go on one of Big Tech’s Woketopian Libtarded Social Media apps to crow about CNN+ getting shut down,

But, I’m telling you, as soon as it’s actually functioning, I’m logging onto Truth Social and posting my thoughts about this subject on it! It’s going to be so amazing seeing all those patriotic bots agreeing with me!

So just to sum up: HA-HA CNN+ failed and it’s totally a sign that liberalism is over! It’s most certainly not a sign that CNN was stupid enough to think there are massive amounts of people out there wanting to pay for streaming news content. It’s certainly not a sign that people don’t need more paid streaming content from cable news outlets, and would rather just read news stories, or watch the already available news content. Just as soon as Truth Social is a viable, functioning application, I’m going to use it to make CNN eat so much crow!


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