His Anti-Government, Pro-Gun Rhetoric Aside, This Man Condemns ‘Libtard Violence’ of VA Shooting

HOBART, ARKANSAS — As a member of the First Arkansas Backyard Commando Militia, Clem O’Connell says he knows firsthand “how important, glorious, and necessary” guns are. Clem is the First Master Chief Lieutenant Captain of that militia group, and he and his crew mates have been preparing for what he calls the “inevitable, unavoidable, righteous and glorious insurrection” they believe is necessary to purge the country of the “mental disease that is liberalism.” This morning’s tragic shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, was on Clem’s mind as he addressed his podcast audience.

“We were prepping so hard during Obummer the Kenyan’s time,” Clem says, “because we were just convinced he’d declare Marsha Law and cancel the elections. We had many drills and practices that involved using our holy ordained Second Amendment to rid the country of the scourge of libtardery.”

Clem hosts a right-wing podcast called “Unabashedly Biased America,” and he has always championed the Second Amendment. In multiple episodes of the podcast, Clem has spoken to and had guests on his show that also explained the need for Americans to arm themselves and be prepared to overtake their government. He said as recently as two weeks ago that “guns make us a safer, more democratic, better nation” and that anyone seeking to keep guns out of the hands of “anyone, even the mentally unstable,” are “unpatriotic butt wipes who hate America, freedom, and God.”

“Guns are natural, guns are good,” Clem said, “not everyone ones one. But everybody should.”


When Clem got word of the shooting that seemed at the outset to target Republican congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia, he says his “blood boiled over.”

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“Well isn’t that just like the left,” Clem said, “to go and get violent. What a bunch of terrorists they are. What — just because you saw right-wing, domestic terrorists blow up a building in Oklahoma City, that gives you the right to do something I’ve admittedly had boner-inducing fantasies about?!”

Mr. O’Connell said that any compare the Alexandria shooter’s motives to those of right-wing groups like the “III Percenters” is just “liberal bullshit propaganda.”

“Obviously this guy’s violent rhetoric is different from my rhetoric that advocates violent overthrow of the government,” Clem said, “because he’s a libtard. I’m not. It’s different. Because of many reasons. And as soon as the NRA, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity tell me what those reasons are, I will commit them to memory and spit them back at any libtard who confronts me.”

During the segment on the shooting, Clem did seem at one point to start to draw a parallel between right-wing, pro-gun rhetoric and what the Alexandria shooter did. That epiphany, however, was very short-lived. Within a matter of moments, Clem had dismissed any such parallels.

“I mean,” Clem started to reason, “we always talk about shooting government officials and ‘Second Amendment solutions,’ but we never thought a libtard would be the one to actually do it. I mean, it’s not an act of patriotism if a libtard shoots a Republican congressman; it’s just terrorism. If  a conservative does it, clearly it’s because he knows that his government has gone full-on tyrannical, or you know, is different than the pre-Civil War government, you understand, fam.”

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Not all of Clem’s audience seemed to share his condemnation of the left-wing of American politics for this shooting. One caller asked him why the topic was being made political. The caller pointed to a shooting of a Planned Parenthood clinic after doctored videos allegedly showing the sale of “baby parts” went viral among right-wing circles. The caller also pointed out that Dylan Roof was a right-wing terrorist, and so was David Koresh in Waco.

None of that mattered to Clem.

“Sure, I could condemn this guy without making it political,” Clem admitted, “but why?”

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