House GOP To De-Fund The North Pole

House Republicans are moving to de-fund Kris Kringle.

5 Reasons You Give a Shit What Mitt Romney Thinks About Obama’s Second Term

Mitt Romney recently made some comments about Obama's second term, presuming that anyone cares. Spoiler alert: We don't.

5 Bigger Assholes Than Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK)

Heartless Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) thinks tornado victims in his state don't really need any help.

5 Other Things About Hispanics That Jason Richwine Tried To Get Into the Heritage Foundation Report on Immigration

5 more "facts" about Latinos that Jason Richwine wanted to include in his study on immigration for The Heritage Foundation.

8 Reasons Why Ted Cruz NEEDS To Run For President In 2016

Ted Cruz really must love us. He's already talking about a 2016 presidential bid.

5 “Facts” The George W. Bush Library Will Lay Out

Former President George W. Bush says his new library will be a "place to lay out facts," but what facts exactly is he speaking about? We try to answer that.

5 Problems Whose Solutions Are Also “America!”

Maybe Marco Rubio isn't so naive after all.

Two Titans of Titanic Stupidity

Karl Rove and Sarah Palin's feud demonstrates one more time that the GOP is more interested in eating itself than anything else.

5 Other Patriotic Things Donald Trump Could Pay For

Other than White House tours, what should we have Donald Trump pay for?

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