Huckabee and Santorum Spend Long, Intimate Night Planning Anti-Gay Rhetoric

Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee got up close and personal in an effort to combat a mutual enemy -- two adults loving each other.

Congressional GOP Hastily Prepping Bible Stack, Witch Cakes For Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony

House Republicans are preparing "special interrogative devices" for when Hillary Clinton testifies at their Benghazi hearing later this week.

Libertarian Wonders: Do Poor People Really Suffer If They Have Refrigerators?

Are poor people really living in poverty if they can keep their food fresher, longer? This libertarian believes if you have a fridge, you're not so bad off.

Rand Paul’s Next Campaign Stunt: Eat and Then Defecate The Tax Code

Campaign stunts are Rand Paul's bread and butter.

Oil Tycoon Explains Why The Rich Can’t Afford More Taxes But Can Give Billions to Campaigns

A different view of campaign finance issues from a wealthy oil tycoon.

Donald Trump Stump Speech Breaks Out At Klan Rally

A run of the mill Klan rally turns into a political spectacle at the hands of Donald Trump.

Cooking and Cocking: 5 Kitchen Tips for Your Gun From Wayne LaPierre

An excerpt from Wayne LaPierre's new cooking book, "Cooking and Cocking."

Citing “Senioritis,” Obama Decides to Stay In Afghanistan

President Obama has decided to leave troops in Afghanistan after his departure from office after all.

Jim Webb Was Sent Back in Time to Protect John Connor

Jim Webb makes a surprise announcement following the debates.

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