Joe Biden Eschews Presidential Run To Embark on Epic Crusade to Find Lost Treasure

What Joe Biden plans to do with his post-political career may surprise some

A Sad, Disillusioned Trey Gowdy is Roaming the Halls of Congress, Offering to ‘Witch Hunt’ People

With his beloved Select Committee on Benghazi crumbling before his eyes, Trey Gowdy finds himself rudderless in Washington.

Paul Ryan Demands Goose That Lays Golden Eggs as Condition of Speakership

Paul Ryan once saw geese that laid golden eggs, and he's demanding one now as payment for his speakership.

Jim Webb Challenges Bernie Sanders to Arm Wrestle

Jim Webb is out of the presidential race for now, but that doesn't mean his competitive spirit has dulled.

After Cutting Planned Parenthood Medicaid Payments, Texas To Blow Up All Dams

Texas will no longer reimburse Planned Parenthood with the state's medicaid funds, and they're taking that concept to other parts of their budget too.

Tea Party/GOP Establishment Set Rules for Upcoming Rumble Over Speakership

Who will win the GOP rumble between the establishment and the Tea Party caucus?

Libertarian: Being Poor in America Not Bad Because Other People Are Poorer

One young libertarian explains why the middle class isn't really shrinking even though it's shrinking.

Obama’s Gun Confiscation Count: Week #351

Can Obama's Gun Confiscation ever be reined in?

Dick Cheney ‘Hella Bummed’ Trump Not Also Blaming Him For 9/11

The former Vice-President has a sad over not getting credit for the Bush Administration's blundering of 9/11 intelligence.

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