NRA Spokesman Reassures Public: San Bernardino Guns Are Safe and Unscathed

An NRA spokesman has some "good" news related to the San Bernardino mass shooting.

God to Marco Rubio: Leave Me Out of Your Sick Fantasies

God is not pleased with Marco Rubio's rhetoric dragging him into Earthly, political arguments.

Donald Trump Demands ‘Non-Stop Oral’ For CNN Debate Appearance

Not only does he want five million bucks, Donald Trump wants something a lot more personal to appear at the next CNN debate.

Shock: Obama Admits ‘As a Democrat’ He Is In the KKK

President Obama finally confirms one of the oldest Republican talking points abou t

Sarah Palin: I Saw American Muslims Celebrating From My Backyard on 9/11

Sarah Palin rides to Donald Trump's rhetorical rescue.

Ted Cruz Says Satan Is a Democrat, Satan Says Ted Cruz is a Demonic C**t

Ted Cruz gets a verbal smackdown from the Devil.

NRA Spokesman: Armed Fetuses Might Have Prevented Planned Parenthood Shooting

Could the Planned Parenthood shooting have been stopped if the fetuses inside were armed?

GoFundMe Set Up For Daleiden’s, Fiorina’s Sleeping Pills

After the Planned Parenthood shooting, a crowd funding effort has begun to help Carly Fiorina and David Daleiden sleep at night.

Out of Gravy, Carly Fiorina Uses Blood of Planned Parenthood Victims For Thanksgiving Leftovers

When she found herself without gravy, Carly Fiorina conveniently found something else to smother her leftovers in.

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