Matt Gaetz Mocks Biden For Not Licking a Single Authoritarian Dictator’s Taint Yet

"I bet Sleepy Joe doesn't even KNOW where Kim Jong-Un's G-spot is!"

DeSantis to Write Memoir: “How to Let 33,000 People Die and Still Be Considered a Success”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Q) has been taking a victory lap in the media this week, touting the fact that his state's economy seems...

Is It Antifa or Cancel Culture’s Fault You Keep Getting In Trouble for The Things You Say And Do?

Sure, you could stop saying and doing things that are offensive, but why would you do something mature when you can blame Antifa or cancel culture instead?

Pope Francis Says Catholic Church Can Still Bless and Cover-Up Same-Sex Molestations

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN -- Pope Francis issued a statement this weekend barring priests in the Church from blessing same-sex marriages. He did, however, approve...

Cuomo Considering Jump to GOP So He Can Do Whatever He Wants and Have The Support of His Party

"They had a guy in the White House for four years that has credible allegations against him, and never said a word about it."

Arizona Republicans File Bill Making it Illegal to Register as a Democrat

"It will definitely be a capital offense, no doubt about it."

Women in Arkansas Now Have 90 Days to Register Their Reproductive Organs

Due to a new harsh abortion restriction, women in Arkansas have 90 days to register their junk.

Papa John’s New Slogan: “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. No N-Words After 20 Months of Deprogramming.”

"Congratulations, John, on entering the 21st century just a couple of decades too late!"

Jim Jordan Shares Freedom Fries With the Dixie Chicks While Blasting ‘Cancel Culture’

On a park bench not far from the nation's capitol complex, Qongressman Jim Jordan sits with country band The Dixie Chicks, sharing a large...

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