Biden Hires Non-Profit Movers to Get Trump’s Belongings Out of The White House

This story contains original reporting from our sister publication, NotReally.News, and the content is used with full permission.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Biden transition team hired “Yes We Can Move You!,” a moving company that specializes in packing and hauling belongings of former world leaders to their new homes, to help expedite President Trump’s exodus from the White House. This development was reported by Not Really News.

“Let me tell you something, Buster Brown,” Biden told reporters as he walked his dogs this morning, “my old, good friend Barack started a moving company that works with former heads of state, and helps them get all their stuff from the capital to wherever the hell it is they’re going to live once they leave office. It’s a non-profit and the proceeds all go to inner city kids, which I think is a great thing, Jack!” (NotReallyNews)

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Donald Trump, having lost last month’s election, will lose all his presidential powers on January 20th, 2021. Even when threatening to cross his arms and hold his breath, or when he casually threatened to “nuke any bastard state” that didn’t give him their Electoral College votes, President Trump has yet to halt — or even slow — the momentum carrying him out of power.

“Donald Trump, like George W. Bush before my two terms,” former President, now Mover Obama said during a virtual press conference while campaigning for the two Democratic candidates running for open Senate seats in Georgia, “is leaving Joe with one heck of a mess to clean up. That’s why Michelle and I started 50 new Yes We Can Move You! locations throughout this great country, so that we may start to employ hard working Americans, who just need a hand up, not a hand out!” (NotReallyNews)

Obama announced that his D.C. branch will send a dozen large vans to the White House, quipping that he was “pretty sure [he] can remember the address still,” three days before Trump’s moving day.

“I know it’s gonna take at least a day and a half to get the gold plated Resolute Toilet yanked out and replaced with something we had cooked up at SorosCo,” Obama mused, “and you know we’ll have to watch Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka closely…to make sure they’re not stripping all the copper wiring and brass fixtures off everything in the White House.” (NotReallyNews)

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