Babylon Bee Refuses to Submit to the Woke Mob and Delete N-Word Tweet

The battle between an alleged comedic outlet and one of the largest social media companies on the web won’t be over anytime soon. In a newly written statement, The Babylon Bee remains defiant and states that it will not be deleting “any tweets, ever,” meaning it could be quite a long time before their Twitter account is accessible again.

At issue are a pair of tweets — one of a Babylon Bee article proclaiming transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine winner of their “Man of the Year Award,” and another that simply contains the “N-word.” In the tweet, however, The Babylon Bee used the entire word, not the euphemism. Kyle Mann, alleged comedian and Editor in Chief, defended the N-Word tweet calling it “satire.” Both tweets have gotten The Babylon Bee’s Twitter account locked for violating their terms of service.

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“At least, as far as my very rudimentary, and maybe incorrect understanding of satire goes it’s satire,” Mann told Christofascist Daily in a new interview. “It’s not our fault if triggered libs can’t find the uproarious humor in the N-word, and we will not bow to any woke mob, period.”

In their statement, The Babylon Bee refers to themselves as “God’s anointed satirical outlet” and claims that “woke, Satan worshiping baby killing libtards (LOL!)” are perpetrating a conspiracy to silence them.

A portion of the statement is reprinted, below.

To Whom It May Concern,

As God’s anointed satirical outlet, we know we’re right. We know that God himself, and prolly Jesus Christ too, find our satire hilarious and not tall just a bunch of bullying and toxic hatred. Because we know that we have God and prolly Jesus on our side, we will never, ever back down.

No, we will not delete the Levine tweet. We will never delete the truth. And the truth is, that in our minds, nothing ever changes, sex and gender are literally the same thing even though young baby boys used to wear long pink gowns, and that is just that.

On a different note, we will not delete our Hard-R N-Word tweet, because, you see, we posted it satirically. It’s satire. It’s a satirical N-word. And it’s not our faults that woke, Satan worshiping, baby killing libtards (LOL!) are butthurt by our hilarity and are conspiring to silence us.

In God’s Name We Pray,

Amen (until the libtards force us to say A-Person)

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