Babylon Bee Publishes The N-Word “Satirically”

Fans of comedy and satire might not recognize anything that the website publishes as being remotely related to them, but that has not, as of yet, stopped The Babylon Bee from publishing things and calling them “satire” or “comedy.” Fans of right-wing evangelical dogmatic religious views, however, understand that the Bee is the most important conservative comedy outlet since Stormfront and Breitbart debuted.

This week, The Babylon Bee continued its rich tradition of publishing the best in conservative satire, and already some of their biggest fans have retweeted and shared it across their social media sites.

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“Wow, you guys, The Bablyon Bee has done it again. Just absolutely brilliant satire here,” noted comedy historian and Pizzagater Jack Posobiec told his OAN audience today. “I haven’t seen conservative comedy so on point and HILARIOUS as when we invented ‘the left can’t meme’ and then repeated that ad nauseum and never came up with an original joke afterward.”

Entitled, “HA HA! I CAN’T THE LEFT THINKS WORD MATTER!,” the article in question has already gotten several hundred thousand views in the Bible belt. It’s understandable that the article would go viral in states that support insurrectionist D-list reality TV game show hosts, given that it contains just a single word with two syllables. That word also happens to be extremely popular among certain pro-MAGA circles.

“Holy cow! The courage it took the Babylon Bee to just simply print the N-word and publish it,” Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted, “is just absolutely breathtaking. I’m not exactly who the satire is holding up for criticism, but I’m pretty sure this is the greatest example of American satire produced since Mark Twain died.”

Blogger and podcaster Ben Shapiro compared the article to the works of comedic icon Mel Brooks.

“Obviously this Babylon Bee article is triggering liberals because it makes them see the right is getting really good at comedy,” Shapiro said. “I mean, this article is pretty much exactly what makes Blazing Saddles so good. Mel Brooks knew the only way to get laughs was to use racial epithets, no matter the context. In fact, he knew that context was just a word invented by the liberal intelligentsia to make patriots feel dumb.”

We have chosen to re-print The Babylon Bee’s article in its entirety, below. However, due to the fact that the editorial staff of this publication isn’t a gaggle of racist chuds, we have decided to partially censor the content. Reader discretion is advised.

N**ger. (The Babylon Bee)

The staff of The Babylon Bee would not interrupt their cross burning to comment on this story.

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