Babylon Bee Writer Laughing At “Blazing Saddles” for All The Wrong Reasons

Beau McGriff has been writing for the website known as The Babylon Bee for a few months now. Fresh out of seminary school, Beau applied to write for many outlets that he felt fit his lifestyle and point of view, which he describes as “super hardcore Christian.” Beau told us that admittedly he wasn’t sure if The Babylon Bee was going to be a good fit for him, because he’d never considered himself a comedian, or very funny at all really, but that his fears were assuaged by the hiring manager.

“She told me not to worry about, because technically no one who works for The Babylon Bee is funny anyway,” McGriff said. “That is, of course, except to the people who think that being gay is still a punchline. But once she told me that they don’t actually do comedy at The Babylon Bee, just evangelical hate pamphlets disguised as satire, I knew I was gonna fit in.”

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When we contacted Beau via Skype, he was in the middle of watching Blazing Saddles, which Beau calls “one of the three best comedies ever.” However, as we interviewed McGriff, it became apparent that he might not fully grasp the satirical content and motifs of the film. Instead, our interviewer found he mostly just laughed every time someone said the N-word, which usually is meant to get a laugh, however, the satirical context mocking the people who use the word is the point, not the word itself.

Beau, though, probably didn’t get that.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” Beau laughed when one old lady used the word directed at the character of Bart, the new black sheriff of a racist small town set in the period after the Civil War but before the civil rights movement. “SHE JUST CALLED THAT GUY THE N-WORD RIGHT TO HIS FACE! TAKE THAT, SNOWFLAKE CUCKS!”

Throughout the interview, McGriff would laugh uproariously whenever the N-word was used, but would grow quite quiet and almost uninterested during the scenes in Blazing Saddles that had loads of satirical content, but a dearth of racial slurs.

“IT IS SO FUNNY HOW THEY SAY THE N-WORD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” Beau kept laughing. “Imagine trying to get away with saying that word so many times now! People would get so offended if I wrote a movie where a white guy just goes around calling black people the N-word for no real reason whatsoever. They’d call it racist just because I was writing a script solely for the purpose of saying the N-word out loud and in public. PFFFFT. Freakin’ cancel culture!”

To be fair to Mr. McGriff, it wasn’t just the N-word he laughed at. He also laughed at racial epithets for Asians, Native Americans, and more.

“IT IS JUST SO GREAT HOW THEY KEEP USING THOSE WORDS! I bet Mal Brokes or whoever wrote this script just to trigger the libs,” Beau suggested. “Because it’s so golly gosh darn dohickey triggering! There cannot possibly be any other reason for them using that word — WOAH! THEY JUST SAID FAGGOTS! HOLY CRUD BALLS! THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME NOW! THE N-WORDS GOT ME ALMOST ALL THE WAY THERE, BUT THE FAGGOTS TOOK ME OVER THE TOP!”

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